Howdy Neighbor Day – July 2010

It’s that time around again. We know you’ve been just waiting for it. What am I talking about? Well Howdy Neighbor Day, of course! 😀

Next Friday, July 23rd, you’re invited to a gathering so you can become better acquainted with your neighbors. You may see some familiar faces and surely newer ones. Care to chat? Show and tell? All of that sounds nice, and is greatly welcomed.

Howdy Neighbor Day is a residential meet-up event. The group gatherings are purely informal and we invite all landowners, residents and merchants alike. It would be a great pleasure if you could arrange to attend. Also, do invite your friends!

Event Info

Date:          July 23rd 2010
Time:         1:00 pm SLT
Location:     Lionheart Pumbaa Auditorium (Click here for teleport)

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