Lionheart Recreation Area Opens

Recreation is here…

Lionheart’s newest sim made its opening arrival today atop the continent’s existing thirteen. Covering an openspace region of 65,536sqm, “Lionheart Commercial Land” as it has been named, offers breath-taking scenery for a wide variety of recreational pursuits. The sim is now available to the general public and many curious local residents have already made their way over to take a glance at what’s there. The sim is located right above Lionheart Mohatu and to the east of Lionheart Ahadi. Being situated almost in the center of our commercial zone sims, it offers a welcoming environment for the nearby residents that may pass by, possibly during their free time.

Though it happens to be the first of its kind, this sort of sim had been in plan for some time. We’ve now finally got our hands on a first one. The sim’s location means it offers extensive view of water lakes and forest trees in an open area with clear sky and no obstructing edifices. The trails make crossing over the waters via bridges to remote surfaces, providing paths for hikers to travel and explore. Some examples for recreational activities supported here include: camping, hiking, swimming, boating and fishing! Perhaps you are looking for a quiet getaway from the traffic and noise of the urban city; you can find ponds and rocky waterfalls that offer a chance to experience something more subtle.

In addition to the natural setting, there exists a small hut that serves as a special visitor center for guests. This position serves as an entry point for incoming teleports to the sim. There you will find information boards that provide details about our commercial land offerings and some guiding principles behind our service.

We invite you to have a look around and also welcome your feedback. Lionheart is committed to providing positive experiences not only through high quality service and a live community, but also by the aspect of an enjoyable atmosphere.

To get to the sim, open up your map within Second Life and type “Lionheart Commercial Land” then hit Search, or to go there directly, click here.

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