Merry Christmas Sale

Dear Lionheart Friends,

Like every year around this time, everyone is looking for the very last minute christmas gift for their loved ones or for themselves.

Lionheart has the perfect gifting idea for you!

Purchase now a parcel for yourself or for your loved ones, and receive the purchase value (purchase price less the value of the included 7 days of tier) credited as tier time towards your new contract! That extends the included tier by the amount which usually goes into the purchase 🙂

How can you claim your christmas gift special?

  • Purchase the land as usual.
  • Afterwards, send an Instant Message (IM) to Dirk Klees asking “Merry Christmas?” Please do not contact Support…only by IM’ing Dirk Klees the special offer can be claimed.
  • We will then within 24 hours process your additional tier credit towards your new contract. Dirk Klees will then send you a message “Merry Christmas!” to confirm your successful claim.

Afterwards, you can either use the land by yourself or sell it for 0L$ to someone you want to surprise with a new piece of land for christmas 🙂

Please note, that our Lucky Three parcels do not have a purchase value since all we charge there is the first week of tier anyway, and thus, these parcels do not qualify for the offer.

How many parcels i can purchase using this offer?

You can purchase as many parcels as you wish. There are no limitations.

When does this offer end?

Our this year’s christmas special is valid immediately and ends on December 26th 2013, midnight.


In this sense,

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!


Dirk Klees and the Lionheart Team

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