Poem Lectures Friday 1pm SLT

Dear Residents,

as announced at our last Townhall Meeting, we’re going to start a series of events at our Community Auditorium located at Lionheart Pumbaa Sim.

The beginning of our series of lectures makes

Poem’s by Morgue McMillan

Friday, 20th Nov. 2009
1pm SLT – 1.30pm SLT (approx.)
Place: Lionheart Stage & Auditorium, Lionheart Pumbaa

Join us in our new, weekly lecture circle!

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Sims: 13
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Public Land Sqm: 400,480
Citizens Land Sqm: 451,488
Parcels: 269
Parcels For Sale: 128
Directory Entries: 14
Citizens Prim Capacity: 381,070
Citizens Prims used: 108,173