Special Moving Request Form

Important – Not valid for NORMAL swaps!

Thanks for having decided to stay and move with Lionheart!

We’ll try to make the move as easy as possible for you, and ask you to fill out the following form until the date mentioned in the Notecard. The 4-digit Parcel ID of the desired parcel you wish to move to you’ll find at the upper right edge of the info hub on that parcel, or at the parcel terminal at one of the edges of the property.


    Your Second Life Username (required)

    Desired Parcel to swap to (required)
    Please provide either the parcel ID or the slurl / map link


    How to complete the move

    Please follow these three easy steps now, so we’re able to complete your free move:

    1. Abandon your current parcel.
      Visit your current property, open the “About Land” window (e.g. by right-clicking the bare terrain), and on the general tab, hit the “Abandon Land” Button. No worries, you can still continue using your property and keep your objects on it.
    2. Wait for the new property and check it out regularly.
      Please allow us up to 24 hours to react on your swap request and get your new property setup. If it has been setup for you, you will find it being up for sale for you for the price of 0L$ when you look at the “About Land” window. Please check regularly, in case our short notification IM to you gets capped or lost.
    3. Buy the new property and again, please wait afterwards.
      When you’ve found the property being ready as just described, buy it for 0L$.!!!VERY IMPORTANT!!!
      Depending on if your old parcel was either owned by you, or by a group of yours, you have to purchase the new parcel in a different manner. Please follow the below mentioned instructions carefully, to not make a mistake here:>Either: Previous parcel was owned by YOU (Under your Avatar’s name):
      Simply right-click the terrain, hit “Buy Land…”, and complete the purchase.
      >Or: Previous parcel was owned by (deeded to) a group of yours:
      1. Activate the group tag which owned the land, so it shows above your head as active group.
      2. Right-click the bare terrain, and open the “About Land” window
      3. Click “Buy Land for Group…” and complete the purchase.
      4. Visit your parcel terminal to identify yourself as group owner.
      After you’ve purchased the new parcel:
      Please allow us another 24 hours to fix your contract data, so we can restore the values of your previous parcel, and credit you the three free moving days.Please do not sell, deed or otherwise transfer the ownership of your parcel during that time. Again, we’ll notify you afterwards with a short IM of the successful   transaction and thus, marking the end of the moving procedure.

    Done. And now?

    Subsequently, please clean up your previous property. We will return any remaining items on it 24 hours after the completion of your move. However, you may come back after we cleaned up, and place a landmark giver to your new parcel here at Lionheart on your old property. Please use your “LIONHEART Estate Residents” group tag for placing this item, since we have autoreturn activated on all properties. If you do not possess a membership yet, simply click any parcel terminal near you, and go: My Account > Groups > Residents. This will send you an invitation within a few minutes.

    Please understand, that we can not allow any further use of the old property beyond the above mentioned exception.

    Again, thank you a lot for the confidence you put in us and your continued loyalty to Lionheart. We’ll make sure to keep your stay a wonderful experience.

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