In Their Own Words: The Work and Remarks of Logan Porterfield

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Everyone has a story; good, bad, or indifferent. I’ll take a moment to discuss about an individual from the Lionheart Community. She goes by the name of Logan Porterfield.
Logan's Run - Mirage Pub

Home of the Mirage Pub and Porterfield Gallery.

Like many others, I’m sure, Logan’s story is personal and touching. While it may certainly not be an untold one, it is fact for being unfamiliar to some. I was privileged to receive her story directly and she even gave me a personal tour of her place. As time passed by, I found myself expressing so many complimentary remarks about her wonderful pub that I decided to offer Logan an opportunity to have The Mirage Pub placed in the spotlight on the Lionheart website. The pub can be found located at the northeastern corner on the region Lionheart Ahadi.

Here is what Logan would like to share with you:

The Mirage Pub is a memorial to my late brother, who was a professional jazz guitarist in NYC. His catchphrase was “Music always.” He died of complications from treatment for lymphoma in 2009. Since he wanted the music to play on, I decided to come out of retirement as a semi-professional singer/songwriter by streaming live in SL. I initially opened the Mirage in 2010 so that I’d have a place to play in his memory. However, I wanted it to be a welcoming and entertaining place in and of itself – a place with an incredibly warm ambiance where people would be drawn to stay awhile.

The building itself was inspired by one of Finch Endrizzi’s builds. I loved the overall warmth of his Urban Loft skybox, but it didn’t meet my needs for a pub, so I did the unthinkable: I bought it, then tore his beautiful build completely apart and rebuilt it according to my own ideas and needs. The pub overlooks a gorgeous Ahadi lake view. The Mirage houses two dance floors (solo and couples dance balls overhead), playable billiards and darts, and a Skippy table on the patio. If you ask for one of the drinks on the bar menu in open chat, my bot-tender, Wes, will serve you with a smile, and sometimes, a texted song. Should you drink too much virtual beer, you can stumble over to my cafe next door for some coffee and a game of chess on the deck. 😉

The Mirage holds weekly events, including DJ’s, live music, and pub quizzes. Calendars can be found in the Logan’s Run Welcome Center, and over the central fireplace in the pub. When you stop by the Mirage, please drop a few L$ into the Relay for Life kiosk by the front door. Let’s do our best to put an end to the suffering and grief cancer causes.

The Mirage Pub is very warm and welcoming, which seems to reflect the kind spirit I sensed in Logan. While the place is booked up to hold weekly events, she has opened her doors to friends and neighbors to use it freely. Logan was one of many who attended our recent Howdy Neighbor Day gathering. At the time of discussion, it was suggested that the pub would make a great meeting place for that. As such, we have planned to meet next at the Mirage Pub with Logan as our host. The date and time are currently undecided for now. To try to circumvent potential conflict with time zones and schedules, there is a handy suggestion box placed outside of the pub. You may wish to pay a visit there and drop off a notecard with the time and date you prefer for meeting.

Meanwhile, take a look at these snapshots to gain a glimpse:

I hope that the story of Logan has touched you. We hope to share more stories of residents from the Lionheart Community. If you enjoyed this one and would like for others to be able to do the same, consider using any of the social share buttons below!

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