600 Group Members and counting!

Not too long ago we held a member count of 500 and just recently our group “LIONHEART Estate Residents” has reached 600 members. We’d like to say many thanks to the people who help to make Lionheart what it is.

We know your group slots are limited, so it makes us proud to know that you remain in this one for receiving updates on important events and changes at our estate.

As a token of appreciation for being a member of our group, even after having left Lionheart, we have prepared a special offer for you which is valued thru October 15th 2011.

Limited Offer for Group Members!

If you are a member of this group, and buy a new parcel from Lionheart for the stated price, we’ll credit you the purchase value of your purchased parcel as tier time towards your account! The purchase value is what you get when you subtract the 7 days included tier offer’s value from the set purchase price.

How does the procedure work?

Simply follow these two easy steps:

  • Buy a new parcel from Lionheart as usual.
    Swapping parcels or claiming earlier positive balances don’t count as new purchase and don’t qualify for this offer. The parcel has to be sold by Lionheart Virtual Estate (lionheart.milena), not by another resident.
  • Send an in-world IM to Dirk Klees to request your tier credit.
    We will credit your purchase value towards your contract within 24h following your IM. Do not contact our support to claim this offer, they will not be able to process it for you!

The offer is valid from the moment of publishing this blog post thru midnight of October 15th 2011 and can be claimed both by current land owners being a group member as well as ex-residents of Lionheart who are still members of the group. The only requirement is that you’re a member of our group LIONHEART Estate Residents before purchasing. The offer is limited to one claim per person.

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