More Bonus Levels for our most loyal Residents!

Dear Residents,

As announced in our last townhall meeting, we have prepared a very special gift for our most loyal residents this year!

We at Lionheart believe in giving back to those, who support us and believe in us for a long time. This is the reason, why we have initiated our bonus program back […]

Even More Prims – Now on Pumbaa!

Dear Residents,

A few weeks ago, Linden Lab has upgraded all private estate sims to 20,000 prims at no charge (from 15,000), with an optional upgrade to 30,000 prims (for a fee, of course).

As announced at the last Townhall and on our blog post, we have now purchased the first upgrade to 30,000 prims!


More Prims for Everyone!

Dear Residents,

As announced on our last townhall meeting on November 6th, 2016, everyone has now a 33% higher prim allowance on their land, at no additional cost!

You can check your new prim allowance by opening your About Land menu, Objects tab.


As said, these prims are provided to you at no […]

Yard Sale!

Dear Residents,


As an idea from our last Townhall Meeting, i’m proud to present our first Lionheart Resident’s Yard Sale Weekend!

Sell your no longer needed, non-copyable items from your inventory to your neighbors or other visitors. And the best: At no cost! Lionheart is sponsoring the location for you and also advertises the […]

Pumbaa Center Update

Dear Residents,

Most of you know Lionheart Pumbaa as the location for our monthly townhall meeting. Some of you, but for sure not everyone knew, that Pumbaa also hosts our newbie orientation course.

Since the construction, the newbie center worked well technically. However, it was not setup optimal due to being split up into two […]

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