About role-playing at Lionheart

Dear Residents,

we’ve heard about some role-players visiting some of you and informing you they were officially hired police officers or even Lionheart Staff and they will look for your safety. Rest assured that this is not the case.

While we have no problem with casual urban role-play as long as every participant respects the covenant, as well as the fact that others might not be interested in participating and won’t involve them without their consent, we do have a problem when someone forces a role upon someone else and specially when it comes to false claims.

All staff members have the group “LIONHEART Staff” shown in their profile. That makes it easy for you to verify if someone really works for Lionheart or not. There will never be a case of “third party contractors” or similar constellations. If someone doesn’t have a “LIONHEART Staff” membership in their profile, they are not working for us.

In such cases, please use our Abuse Report system to inform us about such things, so we’re able to react. Please provide any helpful evidence in your abuse report such as chat logs or even a screen shot, as that would help us a lot.

You always can ban such a person from entering your parcel. To do this, right click your land and go:
About Land > Access > Banned Residents > Add…
Here, you can  enter this person’s user name and add them this way to your parcel’s banlist. They will no longer be able to access your land. Don’t react further on them, and use our Abuse Report system to report us this issue.

Thank you for your understanding and colaboration.

Yours sincerely,

Dirk Klees
Lionheart Owner

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