Get your land ready for the holiday season!

Dear Residents,

As every year, we’d like to remind you before you leave for holiday season and spend some special days offline with your real life loved ones, to pay up your parcel(s) before you log off for a while, to not find your land taken back when you return and your home/business gone.

You […]

Linden Lab’s TOS Update regarding L$ Exchange Services

Dear Residents,

Recently, Linden Lab has changed their TOS regarding the usage of currency exchange services. Since May 7th 2013, it is no longer allowed to use third party exchanges to trade Linden Dollars.

The only allowed money exchange service will be the official LindeX from Linden Lab / Second Life itself.

The most important […]

Residents Group Chat deactivated

Dear Residents,

Due to a higher number of group members using the LIONHEART Estate Residents group chat erroneously as a channel to call for support or to do small talk, we have decided to turn the group chat function off for everyone. This way we can ensure that this group serves in the best possible […]

Pets – Your best Friend at home

Dear Residents,

Recently our estate managers have found more pets than usual left out on parcels while the owners were not present or online at all. Please be aware of that this is a violation of our covenant, and we will have to return those pets which we find left out roaming around.

Unfortunately roaming […]

Emerald Viewer to be blocked

Dear Residents,

Due to violations to their TPV (Third Party Viewer) Policy, Linden Lab will block the Emerald Viewer from logging in as of tomorrow Wednesday, 10am SLT. We advise all our residents to use either the official Viewer or another TPV-Conform Viewer to access Second Life.

Specially we want to advise against the usage […]

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