Reintroducing the Chamber of Commerce

Today marks a special and important date for a certain group of Lionheart residents – those who are members of the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce group.

If you’re clueless, don’t worry as there are details to follow. More importantly, if you are not in the CoC group but you happen to own a commercial parcel on Lionheart, please take this opportunity to join the group. Instructions on how to do that are included below as well.

Per chairwoman Sookie Slafford‘s group notice sent earlier to the CoC group, all commercial residents of the Lionheart community are invited to join the Chamber if they are not already a member. The notice she sent out consisted of a reminder that there will be a meeting today, May 7th at 1pm SLT to discuss a planned event sponsored by the CoC. As Sookie mentioned, it is in fact an important meeting and it offers you a great opportunity to get involved, as well as to learn about plans for upcoming projects intended to increase your business exposure.

What is the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce?

In short, the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce is a Merchants Association for commercial residents of Lionheart. Now for a better description, provided by Sookie herself:
The Lionheart Chamber of Commerce (often referred to as the CoC) is an estate-owned, but completely resident-organized group of Lionheart merchants. We talk business, swap tips and tricks and have been known to organize events in which participation and benefit are exclusive to our CoC members.

The ‘CoC’ Group (and How to Join)

Just like with the Lionheart Community group, where friends and residents of Lionheart can engage in small talk and build connections. The Lionheart Chamber of Commerce also has a group, specifically for merchants of Lionheart. Automatic group invites can be requested by using any parcel terminal, but you must own a commercial or mixed usage parcel. If you know that you are eligible, you can go ahead and request admittance to the group using any parcel terminal by selecting follow menu sequence: Touch Terminal >> My Account >> Groups >> Chamber.

Don’t qualify for this? I’m sorry folks, but this is the only way we can ensure that people who join the group are serious about being there for business related discussion and activities. There is no charge to join the CoC, while the benefits of being a part of it are invaluable. Therefore, I strongly recommend that if you are considering to start a business anytime soon and / or you don’t mind having to own a commercial land plot, then after purchasing one do seek out a parcel terminal to join this thriving group.

Thanks for your time and patience. Oh! And welcome to the CoC, for those who may have joined. (It’s a good idea to look through the past group notices once you have.)

Xavion Saltair
Community Manager,
Sookie Slafford
CoC Chairwoman

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