Chamber of Commerce Election Weekend

Dear Residents,

Today, our election weekend begins for the next 9 month term of a new chairperson of our Lionheart Chamber of Commerce. Voting began today (Friday) at 2pm SLT (EST), and ends at sunday night.

To vote, please click here to teleport to our Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room.

Due to having one candidate only this time, this will be a yes/no vote. Please read more about your candidate Sookie Slafford here.

Vote for YES, if you wish to vote for Sookie taking office, vote for NO, if you don’t wish her to take office.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Activate your “LIONHEART Chamber of Commerce” Group Tag.
  2. Click the polling station on the right side of the CoC Meeting Room entrance and cast your vote.


  • One vote per person and business.
  • Only members of the Chamber of Commerce can vote.
  • Alt-Votes or multiple votes automatically disqualify your votes alltogether.

We’ll announce the results during monday.

For more informations about the candidates, please visit our previous blog post.

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