Immersive Environment

Dear Residents,

since you know Lionheart either by living or working here, you know how much authenticity means to us and deliver you a pretty realistic Environment. Since a long time already, we have valued up most of our residential areas with environmental sounds so you can hear the birds singing at a lot of places.

As an attempt to make your experience at Lionheart even more realistic, we are testing now to either extend our environmental sound scape to the roads or not.

For experimental purposes, we have added some sounds to the road areas at the sims Lionheart and Lionheart Simba. We have chosen a decent background sound without annoying noises, to create the atmosphere of a city, while still being unobtrusive. The sounds usually doesn’t exceed the proximity of the roads themselves.

We would like to hear your opinions about this experiment and invite you to visit both sims, turn on your speakers, walk around as well as walk off the roads and back on them and tell us what you do think about this idea.

We’re looking forward to read your comments below. 🙂

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