Release of our 10th Sim, Lionheart Timon

Dear Residents,

almost 3 Years after signing up for SL, and one year and two months after the grand opening of our first Sim ever, Lionheart, i’m proud to announce the opening of our 10th Sim,

Lionheart Timon

located at the west side of Lionheart Pumbaa. The Sim is zoned Commerce II and the penultimate Sim before the planned west coast of the Continent.

Opening Offer

As opening offer for our newest Sim, we’ve prepared the following for you:

Purchase prices have been lowered to 32% of the usual Prices and include the first week’s Tier! That makes net Prices of just 40L$(smallest) – 735L$(biggest)!

This offer is valid for new and existing landowners, but not for swaps. For new Landowners the free days will be applied automatically; existing Landowners please contact Lionheart Milena after the purchase for the free days =)

Please visit this sim by clicking the SLurl below.

Dirk Klees

Teleport: Lionheart Timon

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