Lionheart Club Lounge & Mall closes

Dear Lionheart Mall Tenants,

for me this is one of the saddest steps since i’m in Second Life, but its nessesary to do. I have decided to close the Lionheart Club Lounge & Mall.

I will explain you the reasons. Some of you, who are since some months/years in SL know, that Second Life is oversaturated with hundreds of malls. As some of you may have noticed, even in our own neighbourhood around Lionheart have opened three malls. Not nearly made of this kind of quality, service and style i tried to offer to my clients. But it reflects perfectly the situation SL’s Malls are in.

As many of you can imagine, a big mall with all its costs (promotions, events, campers) can only work with a high level of occupation. And even if we could have reached that, the benefits will not have been really worth it.

I’ve paid now for months and months into the location without getting some L$ back. And the last weeks recession did the rest.

I’m very sad to do so, but i have to close the Mall to prevent more damage. I’m sure, lots of you will miss the place, as i will do. I received lot of positive feedback for the work i did and i want to thank you for that.

I also want to thank all of you for being with me and renting here. I have made some great friends and of course i will stay in contact with all of them 🙂

My focus for the future will be in expanding my Apartment, Office and Convention Center Rental Business. We’ll open this week our third Apartment Building, with some nice and spacious, but limited Boutiques on the ground floor, opened to the streets. Maybe i’ll see some of you again, opening a nice store there or renting nice city studios or apartments. And as you know Lionheart Buildings, you can expect Style and Quality when we do something 🙂 Take the attached Landmark for the new location (still under construction, but opening soon):
I will pay out everyone within the next hour for the left time on your leases and send your items back to you. I ever have been fair to my tenants, and i’ll stay beeing fair till the end. I’ve heard enough stories with landlords who closed its locations without refunding anyone. You can be sure that Lionheart will not disappoint you.
Millions Thanks again to everyone for your loyality and your faith in us!!!

Yours sincerely,

Dirk Klees
Lionheart Owner

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