New Advertising System for the Mall

Good news for all Ad-Space renters:

We have decided to say goodbye to the old styled advertising model which we used until now and which you still find at around 95% of Second Life’s Malls: Paying a single adboard for renting this adspace for the set time.

For every Advertiser this model caused a really huge cost factor, if you want to get a big advertising effect, so you had to rent various adboards and pay every adboard separately.

The new System which we’ve installed now works centralized and has many Adboards connected. You find the Central Console in our Rental Information Office, 5th Floor of the Mall. From this Terminal you can book an Ad, paying just one time and have it shown on more than 50 Adboards within the Mall and its surrounding streets.

We charge the same price for booking an ad with the new system as we have charged before with the old model. But you’ll get more than 50 times more publicity for it!

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