Lionheart Design Award goes to: Iynque Loire

Dear Residents, Our third Lionheart Design Award goes to resident Iynque Loire for his parcel iynque – Commercial located at our sim Lionheart Mohatu.

Iynque’s building  caught my attention due to it’s pretty modern, urban and open style. Sunsails, diagonally shaped balconies, multiple well placed entries and irregular walls are making this structure really standing out, compared to lot of simple plain and rectangular buildings.

Different than other buildings, it really adapted to the nature of Second Life by being both, a somewhat protected structure for it’s contents, as well as – due to the lack of weather in Second Life – open enough for people to check out what can be found inside. Iynque’s architecture is a very good example of modern architecture and what’s possible to create in Second Life.

During our town hall meeting Iynque informed us, that this building will be up for sale soon as a product of his architecture business, with another  creation replacing the current structure:

Well, my main business is actually turning out to be virtual architecture, and this building is a model of my ideas, which are all very boring if you don’t care about architecture xD

But if anyone is interested, the building is going up for sale. I was actually in the process of boxing it up for a new design to take its place wehn Dirk contacted me about this award 😀

So enjoy it while you can, because it will soon be in a single prime for sale, but another equally nice building will take it’s place 😉

So enjoy it in-world while you can, and we’re curious about the good things coming up in future on his parcel at Lionheart Mohatu. Congratulations Iynque!

Dirk Klees
Lionheart Estate Owner

About the Lionheart Design Award

The Lionheart Design Award is a prize donated by the Lionheart Estate Owner for outstanding, self-built structures which enrich the look of the Lionheart Continent and are an outstanding example for creativity, realism and taste. The award includes an account position added to the contract of the parcel in question worth a week of tier time.

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