Lionheart Design Award goes to: Uggo Vieria

Dear Residents,

our first Lionheart Design Award goes to resident Uggo Vieria for his parcel Uggo’s Lab located at our sim Lionheart Simba.

Uggo’s structure stands out in multiple ways. First of all, it adapts both, the natural aspect of the sim as well as to it’s purpose, as a commercial structure with integrated store and workshop.

One very nice feature is the integration of one of his “useless things” how he calls his products, the pipe crawler. The pipes inside the building are actually meant to be used, by using this gadget to literally crawl trough the pipes.

The roof garden fades very nicely from the commercial areas of the sim into the residential areas nearby his store. Little skylights around the building allow daylight to enter the workshop area. A separate garage door with ramp enables vehicles to get inside the building.

We want to congratulate Uggo Vieria to be the first Lionheart resident to receive this award and hope, that the new Lionheart Design Award will serve as motivation for some of our residents, to ignite creativity and to encourage own initiative when it comes to design parcels.


Dirk Klees
Lionheart Estate Owner

About the Lionheart Design Award

The Lionheart Design Award is a prize donated by the Lionheart Estate Owner for outstanding, self-built structures which enrich the look of the Lionheart Continent and are an outstanding example for creativity, realism and taste. The award includes an account position added to the contract of the parcel in question worth a week of tier time.

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