Lionheart Vitani Released

Dear Residents,

we’re proud to announce the opening of Lionheart Vitani today as 17th Sim of our continuous continent!

Lionheart Vitani is located at the current Northeast edge of the continent and has prepared connections for future sims on both sides.

As first sim, Vitani has a country road which is the first one of it’s kind (and thus called Route 1), and will be part of the proposed country road / highway network across the whole continent as it continues to grow. Parcels located at this highway / country road will also be part of an innovation: The new zoning category Mixed Use.

Mixed Use parcels allow both, residential use as well as light commercial use with some restrictions compared to Commercial I parcels, such as limited advertising (only allowed towards the road) as well as a height restriction for buildings of max. 35m. For more thorough information, please read the covenant.

You can visit Lionheart Vitani by clicking here.

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