Community Flag Contest Voting begins!

Dear Residents,

as announced in an earlier blog entry, we’re proud to announce now the beginning of the voting period of our community flag contest! The community flag will be available for all residents to show off some local patriotism if you wish to 🙂 The winner of this contest will receive a full week of Tier to their parcel.

In the last weeks, 4 designs have been sent in to my avatar Dirk Klees in-world, which we’ve installed at our community center so you can choose your favourite and vote for it. Despite that we wrote we would choose our 3 favorites, we’ve decided to give all 4 designs a chance 🙂

To be able to vote, you need to activate your “LIONHEART Estate Residents” group tag. Teleport to our Community Center, and have a look at the four designs at the basement floor. To vote for your favourite, use the polling station. We’ll close the voting period on Monday, November 15th.

May the best win!

Dirk Klees
Lionheart Owner

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