Loyalty Vouchers emitted

As promised before, all residents have received today their voucher as appreciation for their loyality to Lionheart.

This voucher enables you to receive the discount shown on the voucher on the purchase price of a new parcel on our new Lionheart continent, which will open in early december.

As a special surprise, we have emitted two vouchers: One for your personal usage, and one as giveaway for a friend.

The Rules for their usage are the following:

  • Only one voucher per person can be used
  • Vouchers cannot be added to another (One Parcel = One Voucher)
  • Both types of Vouchers can be transferred
  • To use a voucher, contact Dirk Klees In-World
  • Vouchers must be handed out to Dirk Klees on request
  • Parcels will be given away on a first come – first serve base
  • When all parcels are sold, the vouchers will remain valid for later vacancy or new sim
  • Friends Voucher may not be accepted if transferred to a known alt-account

Please check this site regulary to stay updated about when our Estate will be online and when the sale starts!

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