Pumbaa Center Update

Dear Residents,

Most of you know Lionheart Pumbaa as the location for our monthly townhall meeting. Some of you, but for sure not everyone knew, that Pumbaa also hosts our newbie orientation course.

Since the construction, the newbie center worked well technically. However, it was not setup optimal due to being split up into two separate buildings, one near the train station, the other across the road. Aesthetics also left a lot to be desired.

In the past week, we’ve completely removed all builds and rebuilt the whole place. Everything is now united into one structure, located inside the train station underground. The orientation course, the freebie store where members of Lionheart’s Chamber of Commerce can donate freebies for new residents, and new: three rental stores equipped with 50  prims allowance each, embedded into a little train station shopping area.

The surface, where the newbie course was installed before, offers now a beautiful park setting, a new station entrance, a hangout area for residents to chat and socialize, and an underground parking lot for the station, accessible via the eastern road of Pumbaa.

The townhall meeting space has moved as well: You’ll find it on the lower level of the station, our new “Townhall Meeting Room”.

Check out Lionheart Pumbaa now! Teleport (click here)

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