Roaring Reductions is Back!

The Lionheart Chamber of Commerce is proud to present, again… Roaring Reductions!

Roaring ReductionsWhat is Roaring Reductions?

This is a 50% off sale sponsored by the members of the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce.

The participating stores listed below have come together and are each offering a product in their store at half off its normal price.

When does it start?

The sale takes place bi-weekly (every 2 weeks). and it runs from Friday at 12:01am (00:01) through Sunday at 11:59pm (23:59) for members of the LIONHEART Community Group – which is both open for enrollment and free to join!

Taking advantage of this offer as a customer requires no hassle. You simply visit the store of interest and look for the specially marked vendor (which has the yellow ‘RR’ logo to denote the Roaring Reductions Vendor). Right-click the vendor and make your purchase.

If you aren’t wearing the appropriate group tag, the vendor won’t keep your money and instead will return it and ask you to join the group!

Participating Stores for 22 – 24 July, 2011

DJK Inc. - by Fabiano Ferina (Building Components)

DJK Inc. – by Fabiano Ferina (Building Components)

LoPo - by Logan Porterfield (Avatar Apparel)

LoPo – by Logan Porterfield (Avatar Apparel)

The Cracket Crate - by Kitiara Singh (Home & Garden)

The Cracket Crate – by Kitiara Singh (Home & Garden)

Have a great weekend and enjoy the reductions!

Are you a merchant and interested in participating the next time we have this promotion? The only thing you’d need to do to get started is to join the LIONHEART Chamber of Commerce group. You can request an invitation from the My Account > Groups menu at your parcel terminal. For any questions you might have, please contact CoC Chairman Fabiano Ferina.

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