Extending Route 1 – Release of Lionheart Kopa

Dear Residents,

We’re proud to announce the release of our 20th sim, Lionheart Kopa!

Besides the continuation of our lake and river themed area, the route 1 which will later lead travellers to the south-east edge of our continent, this new sim also marks the slow beginning of our mountain areas which will step by step climb the heights of the mountains which are planned as our continent grows.

The sim offers both residential and mixed use properties as well as some public builds and locations. New paths invite you to discover where they lead to.

A playground for your children, a rest area to relax from an exhausting road trip, a cosy and natural neighborhood are what makes this new sim a place you’ll love. Visit Lionheart Kopa now and discover your favourite place, and tell us about it! Comments are open below 🙂


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