Say Hello to Your Neighbors

Our monthly Town Hall Meeting took place last Sunday. For some who attended, it might have been their first time ever. Residents received news on upcoming changes around Lionheart, as well information on past and current conditions. If you found that to be fulfilling, then I challenge you to answer this question:

How many of you have met your neighbors?

Howdy-Hello Handshaking
Here is why I ask: The Lionheart resident community isn’t made up of a particularly small crowd. I mean, I realize it’s not the biggest one either, but it is very probable that not everyone is familiar with one another. People who move in usually take the time to get established before becoming aware of their surroundings, which is good. But here is another question: Have you left the quarters of your shop to check out the one next door? You might have spotted a stylish-looking residence across the region, but do you know who lives there? If not, you could be missing out.

Once upon time
, many months back, a member of our community realized that these questions tend to represent real factors that our residents often face during their entry into Lionheart. We decided to put together an event that is specially crafted to help residents grow outside of their comfort zones. We call this event ‘Howdy Neighbor Day’.

Before I proceed further, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge that I know it’s been a while since we’ve last had one of these. Admittedly, there is no real excuse other than the fact that I allowed first life to get in the way at some point. I believe our last official meeting took place back in October 2010. Although, we did have a ‘Meet and Greet’ set up somewhere around mid-November that was guest hosted by one of our residents, Mya Japiri. The point is that I’ve been reminded about how effective this was for building the community at the very start of its use. It’s unfair that the community missed out on several chances for having the event to take place. You all have my sincere apology on that matter and I’m hoping that you will recognize the fact that me starting them again is a token to show that I am trying to make up for that. Allow me to try to explain what you can get out of Howdy Neighbor Day and why it has been missed.

HND Image PosterWhat you can expect to receive by attending, is a bunch of warm and friendly welcomes from people you’ve probably never known or heard of. Everyone will be gathered in a full circle (or not) where they can reach out to the next person and pass introductions. Some might even find themselves engaging in a moment to express a little humor, or to share what’s been keeping them busy of late. Simply put, we’re known to discuss things of all sorts, and if you come, I imagine that you might enjoy yourself.

We hope to see you there. If you can’t make attendance because you have to work or something, we will understand. However, if you can manage to take a break and you find yourself without anything else to do in between time, hop on over. You could probably use a break or two anyway. Working steadily is efficient, but overworking yourself is totally not.

The date, time and place are shown above in the image, to the right. Cheers!

Xavion Saltair
Community Manager

3 comments to Say Hello to Your Neighbors

  • Angelskiss2007

    Hi everyone. 🙂 I’m new to SL in general, but also a new neighbor! ^.^ I’m located here: I’m so glad to be here, and I hope to get to know you all soon. 🙂 I started SL to become a creator, but my very modest building is currently empty (I’m learning though!). Please feel free to drop by any time! 🙂

    • Welcome to both Second Life and Lionheart, Angelskiss2007! It’s pleasing to hear that you’re in enjoyment. Also, thank you for sharing your location. I invite you to join us for Howdy Neighbor Day on June 15th at 12 noon. It will take place at The Mirage Pub, located here. Our event calendar is worth subscribing to if you wish to remain updated on upcoming events. See you in world. 🙂

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