The Birth of the Lion King

Planned for tomorrow, but realized today already:

The second sim for our new continent, Lionheart Mufasa, has been delivered. The new sim is located on the west side of Lionheart.
I’ve decided to release it today, friday, to prevent possible bottlenecks on saturday, as the normal technical staff at Linden Labs does not work on weekends. Tomorrow i’ll start the big piece of work doing the landscaping and infrastructure setup, so that we can open the new sim officially during sunday.

Together with the new sim, we’ll inaugurate some nice new offers for our residents. To give you a peek already:

  • Friends Referral Program
    Bring some new friends to Lionheart and earn 1300L$ worth in tier for your parcel
  • New purchase prices for residential land
    49L$ each parcel

Stay tuned 🙂

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