The King’s New Clothes

Just like in real life, it should be the habit of a good Second Life landlord to renovate their properties from time to time, when the opportunity comes up.

We just had this opportunity at one of our oldest sims, Lionheart Mufasa (opened in January 2009), when one of our ocean front parcels became available again. With the other parcel kept off of sale as well, we were able to restructurize the parcel cuts and also give the whole public area a fresh new look.

All residential paths of the sim are now well integrated into the terraforming, following natural curves instead of perpendicular corners. Just like in newer sims already done, the texturizing of the paths has been optimized to load faster. The flat bridge near the sim border to Lionheart Sim has been replaced by an new arc bridge, sided by a nice fountain installation.

The previously hedge-separated beach themed parcels have been re-sized and are now view-protected by palm groves mixed with tropical plants. The separation gaps between all parcels of previously 8m have been extended to 12m for even more privacy. Two parcels have received a little island in front of their beaches, which can be used by the future landowners for sunbathing chairs or other beach furniture.

We hope that you’ll like the new fresh look, and we’re continuing to keep our sims up-to-date and improve the look and feel whenever we see an opportunity coming up, just like we’re doing currently at our very first sim, Lionheart. The Community Center at the center coordinates of the sim is about to receive a renovation as well. The previous sales-center building has been removed, since our sales centers are located at mainland now (Bay City – Sandwich | Lebeau). We’re going to setup some nice public use structure there which soon again can be enjoyed by everyone.

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