Data Center move has started

Dear Data Center Tenants,

the big moment has come: The move can start! 🙂

Old Location: Teleport
New Location: Teleport

I have replaced all the old racks at Lorrey with a dummy rack and moved the originals to Lionheart Simba.
You will find your servers in the dummy racks at Lorrey, where you can move them following the below described procedure. The blue pyramids at Lorrey shows you who is in which rack, to find your locations between the dummy racks more easy 🙂

How to move

There are two classes of servers: Those which depend on their UUID (also called Server-Key) and those who don’t depend on it, mostly those which are web-enabled like the modern hippoRent or hippoVend.
Examples for UUID-Depending Servers: Notecard giver servers, hippoUpdate, email-devices and many more
Examples for Non-UUID-Depending Servers: hippoVend, hippoRent (both the web-enabled systems) and others.
In case of doubts, move the server using the method of the UUID-Depending Servers, which is never wrong and the most safe way.

UUID-Depending Servers

!!!Before you all do that, be sure that no circumstances can cause a viewer crash or a connection loss, as if you crash or logout during this process, your UUID of the server will be lost and SL assigns a new UUID!!!

Go to the old DataCenter, and be sure to have the Lionheart Data Center Group activated. Stand in front of your rack, right click the server, and choose from the pie menu: More > Wear. Now you will wear your server anywhere on your body, which might look funny or odd, but its ok 🙂 Now teleport to the new DataCenter and go to your rack.
Right click the server on your body, and select DROP from the pie menu. The server will drop from your body to the ground. Now you can put it in its new place 🙂

Non-UUID-Depending Servers

Thats simple 🙂 Just take the server back into your inventory and rez it on the new DataCenter again. Done 🙂

Questions, or assistance needed while moving?

Simply send an IM to me (Dirk Klees) or to our CSR Omegadon Aeon. You also can write us an email to [email protected]. We will contact you as soon as possible and we meet you in-world to assist you with the move.

Happy moving everyone, and welcome to our new, lagfree location without hundreds of bots!!! =)
Please keep in mind to move as soon as possible, as we just can guarantee the old location for the next 3 weeks. After that, the parcel will be cleaned and reclaimed by the BnT Estate!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Dirk Klees
Lionheart Owner

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