Data Center Moves

Dear DataCenter Tenants,

since around two months we face a serious lag issue at Lorrey sim, where the data center is located. One of the neighbours has setup a lot of laggy stuff on his parcel and additionally installed an army of bots with extremely high ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) avatars which causes that it takes minutes to rez for everyone who tp’s into this sim.

Unfortunately, our attempts to find a solution were without success, and the Sim-Administration is ignoring the problem. We’ve been talking since over a month to the support of BnT Holdings but they need days to answer and afterall if they write back, they see no reason to do anything. Under this circumstances, we dont see ourself in the position anymore to grant you the best service at this location as it was intented originally.

Another worrying fact is, that IntLibber Brautigan, CEO of BnT Holdings, is negociating with a potential investor, Woodbury University, about the acquisition of BnT, to install a giant virtual university campus and experimental areas on these sims, which would mean the condemnation of the landowner’s properties.

For this both reasons, i had to take the decision to move the datacenter to a more safe and reliable location, enabling me to grant you a lagfree and future-proofed Data Center. I’ll move the Data Center to the new Lionheart Continent, which is composed to date of three mixed residential / commerce sims.

Schedule for the move

The move from the old location will be very smooth and easy, without service outage for you.

I’m installing already the new Building on Lionheart Simba.
Once finished, which should be done later today, i’ll move the old racks to the new location.

Using the old racks is important, as your tenant data will not be lost and you dont have to hassle with receiving new group invites etc…so its even less spammy 🙂 I’ll place name prims at the old datacenter at the place where your old rack has been, so that you can find your servers easier, as the surrounding racks will be gone to the new place already.

When i’m finished with the rack move, which also will be later today, i’ll give green light for everyone to move your servers to the new location: Teleport

Most servers you can simply take back into your inventory and re-rez them on the new location. But be careful with key-depending Servers! DONT TAKE THEM INTO YOUR INVENTORY, or their UUID will be lost!
With the ‘green light’ message, i’ll send you a little manual how to move key-depending servers without loosing their actual UUID. Also, our staff and myself will be on your side to help you with that.

We have all together around three weeks to conclude the move, but i ask you please to move as quick as possible after getting green light, to get a better overview of about who has moved and to who we need to ask individually to do so. The whole move should be done for everyone of you within 5-10 minutes.

Please keep an eye open for the next notices from me so that you can start the move 🙂

Thanks for your understanding!

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