Data Center opened

As you know Second Life, things can change very often, like for example business locations, changing parcels or selling lands to move to a better location. This is not only a very big logistic act everytime, as also a big risk for the data integrity of your server centralized business servers.

Lionheart Data Center has opened the only professional designed and managed Data Center on the grid, which offers you a permanent and safe place for your:

  • Rental Servers
  • Vendor Servers
  • SL Exchange Magic Boxes
  • Staff Payment Gateways
  • Apez Servers
  • OnRez Dropboxes

And much more.

We offer the space you need to keep your business up and running even if your main circumstances are changing.

Our 200 Racks on three floors are available for 170L$ per month and offer you space for an usage up to 8 Prims. We also offer permanent and automatically applied discounts if you pay for at least 4 months at once.

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