Data Center Moves

Dear DataCenter Tenants,

since around two months we face a serious lag issue at Lorrey sim, where the data center is located. One of the neighbours has setup a lot of laggy stuff on his parcel and additionally installed an army of bots with extremely high ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) avatars which causes that it […]

Drawing the line

Some of you remember that Lionheart once ago was forced by sim owners to leave their sims and look for a new place, as they changed their conditions from one day to another without warnings which made it hard to keep up the same prices for Lionheart Tenants so we decided to leave our old […]

Convention Center moves

Dear Office Tenants,

as mentioned before in an earlier posting, we are leaving the Cove Islands Sims due to their last tier conditions change, which makes it impossible for us to offer our clients the same competitive prices as before and operate the center economically.

We have opened your nice and new Convention Center now […]

Data Center opened

As you know Second Life, things can change very often, like for example business locations, changing parcels or selling lands to move to a better location. This is not only a very big logistic act everytime, as also a big risk for the data integrity of your server centralized business servers.


Lionheart leaves Cove Island Sims

Dear Lionheart Tenants,

unfortunately, i have been informed yesterday by the SIM-Owners (Cove Islands), that they cancelled the condition contract with Lionheart and applied new Conditions for tier costs (maintenance costs for the SIM’s and profits for the SIM Owners). They applied the new conditions immediately without inform me in advance nor ask for my […]

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