Further Improvements on Business Listings

Dear Residents,

As promised in the earlier blog post about the Revamped Land Store and Business Listings, we’ve completed these improvements for you today.

We’ve added a category filter, allowing you to filter for businesses of a category, making your browsing much more effective.

Also, we’ve been working over the categories themselves, improved some of the existing category names, and replaced some of those where we think they didn’t work well for you with better ones.

Due to this update, you might want to check your terminal to see, if there’s a category which describes your business even better now, and chose a new one in this case. If your old category is still available, and matches your business well, you can simply keep it without need to change something.

Our new Categories:

1 Private Property
2 Arts & Culture
3 Business
4 Educational
5 Gaming
6 Recreation and Entertainment
7 Animals and Pets
8 Home and Garden
9 Clothing Apparel
10 Miscellaneous
11 Parks & Nature
12 Shopping
13 Audio and Video
14 Prefabs and Building Components
15 Avatar and Accessoires
16 Property Rentals
17 Celebrations
18 Scripts and Gadgets
19 Furniture and Decor
20 Agencies and Services
21 Used Items
22 Vehicles
23 Weapons

What are the Business Listings about?

Business Listings are an additional service by Lionheart exclusively for our landowners, allowing you to publish your businesses for free at our website (see right sidebar), at our business listings page http://listings.lionheartsl.com as well as at several inworld locations where we’ve setup so called “Community Presenters”, which are basically ad-boards showing your business listing entry as well as giving away information about Lionheart to interested people.

You’ll find these boards across our continent, as well as at each of our mainland offices (Lebeau, Bay City), and at the famous Calleta Infohub.

What are you waiting for? Activating your free business listing entry publishes your business at Lionheart around the grid and internet, for free!

Setup your Business Listing

To setup your free business listing, simply visit your LEMS Property Terminal (where you also pay your tier) at the edge of your property. Click it, and chose from the menu: Contract > Publish. Simply follow the given instructions. Done.

Please note: Texts are taken automatically from your parcel’s name and description of your About Land… window. Please keep them up-to-date in order to have your listing entry shown correctly.

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