Lionheart Design Award goes to: Haylee Macbeth

Dear Residents,

Our second Lionheart Design Award goes to resident Haylee Macbeth for her parcel VRT Tech Headquarters located at our sim Lionheart Taka.

Haylee’s building already began to attract attention before it has opened. As one of the very first landowners at our new sim Lionheart Taka, she began building her new Headquarters pretty soon, and due to it’s outstanding architecture it’s nice to look at both, from outside as well as inside.

The structure integrates very well into the existing public infrastructure, including a cargo ramp towards the road, and a nice edging hedge facing our new Lionheart Bay City Tourist Harbor right next to the LHRR Taka Station.

Different than many other stores or commercial buildings within Second Life, this structure is really living the roleplaying aspect of a business. Usually, you only find stores with products. At Haylee’s place, you can find a big storage depot, as mentioned already a cargo loading ramp, staff offices and conference rooms, as well as a store open to the public.

Fascinating details are the air conditioning system installed in the building, as well as the wall elements of the facade, standing out a bit from the flat building wall, adding a third dimension to the whole front.

For this outstanding work and creativity, we want to congratulate Haylee Macbeth for this beautiful addition to our continent, and wish her the very best for the opening, which i think at the point of writing this, still lies ahead.


Dirk Klees
Lionheart Estate Owner

About the Lionheart Design Award

The Lionheart Design Award is a prize donated by the Lionheart Estate Owner for outstanding, self-built structures which enrich the look of the Lionheart Continent and are an outstanding example for creativity, realism and taste. The award includes an account position added to the contract of the parcel in question worth a week of tier time.

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