[Cancelled] Mel Cheeky Performs Live

06/03 Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances, our guest Mel Cheeky had to cancel her booking for Saturday at Under The Bridge. I am told that she was hospitalized. She is doing better now, but will need to take a week off to rest. Our good thoughts go out that she experiences a rapid recovery. We apologize to any who might feel a disappointment.

Come sync with us while we tune into song and lyrics of Mel Cheeky.

“She began writing songs in 2004 and came into SL in January 2006 as one of the first musicians to play on the grid. She performs her own songs, in her own unique way. If a cover is done by Mel, it won’t be a version you’ve heard before. One thing is for certain. Once you’ve heard this little lady, you’ll never forget her and will be back for more.”

Date: Saturday, June 4th, 2011
Time: 12 pm PDT
Place: Under The Bridge @ Lionheart “Bay City” Scar

Hope to see you there!

Under The Bridge is a live music venue, founded by Lionheart Estate and sponsored by talented individuals looking to deliver an impression in the amazing world of Second Life.

If you are a musician and/or are interested in booking a performance at our venue, please get in touch with community manager, Xavion Saltair.

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