Lionheart releases Sim No. 18: Lionheart Zira

Dear Friends,

Lionheart is proud to announce the opening of our 18th Sim, Lionheart Zira!

The new sim continues, by the way for the first time since 2008, the southern coast line into the east direction. It is equipped with beautiful sandy beaches, some of them even with their own little island as perk, a bigger island, hilltop parcels with a stunning view, as well as other cozy parcels with water access in the greener areas. All parcels are categorized as Residential II and require a minimum distance for buildings of 4m from each parcel edge.

We’ve also included again a lot of nice hidden spots to be discovered and enjoyed by everyone on the public land. Couples watch out for them!

To visit the new sim, please click here for a teleport link! Enjoy!

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