Residents Group Chat deactivated

Dear Residents,

Due to a higher number of group members using the LIONHEART Estate Residents group chat erroneously as a channel to call for support or to do small talk, we have decided to turn the group chat function off for everyone. This way we can ensure that this group serves in the best possible way it’s original purpose, which is enabling us to deliver you important information regarding the estate via notices, while keeping the general noise for you on this group at zero.

Please always remember, to only use our official channels to call our landowner support, which are:

  • Any parcel’s terminal (must not even be your own):
    Click it > Support (See Snapshot)
  • Our website’s chat and offline ticket system:

These are the official ways you can retrieve support from our team, mostly instantly or within a few minutes, but always within max. 24h as by our support guarantee by creating an offline support ticket, should at the moment nobody be online of our team.

Please do never request support using other than the above mentioned ways. This is to guarantee you the fastest and most reliable customer support. Specially please refrain from:

  • Sending IM’s or Notecards to our staff members, as they can sometimes be:
    • Offline
    • Off duty, enjoying their private SL life
    • Not connecting for several days due to RL
      In any of these cases, your support request will be lost and / or not be responded to, which leads to unnecessary frustration and does not help you further with your problem.
  • Asking for support in any of our group chats
    As they have been created to enable resident-to-resident communication and are neither designed as a support channel to request help from any of our staff members, nor are they regularily monitored.

Lionheart is known since years for fast and reliable landowner support, thanks to our well trained staff members, as well as the way we organize our support services. Our landowner support is literally just one click away for you. It can’t be easier! 🙂

If you wish to enjoy some small talk with your fellow Lionheart Residents, and don’t mind the noise every here and then, please feel free to lookup our LIONHEART Community Group in the SL Search or click here to open the group profile, and join this group. Please note, that the LIONHEART Community Group is not a place to request Estate Support either, but a very welcome place to get in touch with some nice people living around you 🙂

Sincerely yours,

Dirk Klees
Lionheart Estate Owner

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