Sneak Preview: 11th Lionheart Sim opens soon!

11th Lionheart Sim Opening Soon![Update 03/11/2010 7.33am SLT]

Pre-Orders are closed. Thanks for your orders, regular sales have begun!

Dear Residents,

Get Prepared! The newest Lionheart Sim is about to launch soon, and will be attached to the north of Lionheart Timon / west of Lionheart Ahadi.

All Parcels will be zoned Commercial II and offer a generous 1.59 Prim Bonus.

We accept Reservations! All received Reservations before the official Launch Announcement get their parcel for free! The Parcel will be sold for the first week’s Tier only, not a single L$ more!

Conditions for a free parcel

  • Reservation must be done before we officially announce the launch
  • Valid for old and new Residents, so tell your friends!
  • Friends Referral Program does not apply for these Reservations
  • Does not apply for Swaps or claims of earlier credits
  • Reservations are made first come, first serve
  • Reserved Parcels needs to be claimed within 12 Hours after the official Launch, or they will be for sale on the open market again.

How to claim your reservation

Contact Lionheart Milena In-world. Please name a specific parcel for your reservation, as categorical reservations cannot be processed. Please see the map and parcel sizes below.  Select a Size Number as by this list, and name this size number (together with an exact location description which of these parcels you wish, if there are more than one of that size) when making your reservation.

What size of Parcels do you have?

  1. 256m² | 93 Prims | 176L$/week (2x)
  2. 400m² | 146 Prims | 275L$/week (4x)
  3. 1024m² | 373 Prims | 704L$/week (2x)
  4. 1120m² | 408 Prims | 770L$/week (1x)
  5. 1152m² | 419 Prims | 792L$/week (1x)
  6. 1280m² | 466 Prims | 880L$/week (3x)
  7. 1440m² | 524 Prims | 990L$/week (3x)
  8. 1600m² | 582 Prims | 1101L$/week (7x)
  9. 1904m2 | 693 Prims | 1310L$/week (1x)
  10. 2304m² | 838 Prims | 1585L$/week (2x)
  11. 2496m² | 908 Prims | 1717L$/week (1x)
  12. 3840m2 | 1397 Prims | 2641L$/week (1x)

Please note that prim and tier values can vary slightly until the launch due to different inworld rounding results.

Get a look!

Thanks to Alvi Halderman for this nice Picture Set on Flickr.

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