The Search Bug – And how to overcome it

Dear Lionheart Residents,

There’s a concurrent listing bug with the Second Life search engine. Maybe you’ve heard about it, and there’s a good chance that it has taken effect on your business. Linden Lab has promised to fix this issue over several weeks ago, but to no extent the problem remains for most.

How can you help?

There is an issue tracking system set up specifically for allowing Residents to vote on the petition of reported issues that might affect them. You could be one of those Residents losing traffic due to the result of a careless mistake made.

The issue has been submitted with the title:

Listing disappears in “search” when more than one maturity rating is check marked

Help us help Linden Lab help *you* by casting your vote!

You can do so by visiting the following web address:

You’ll want to log in using your Second Life login credentials (it’s safe, because the website is hosted by Linden Lab). A bit of a ways down on the left sidebar you’ll find a section labeled “Voting” listed.

How to overcome this bug

First, you want to find out if you are affected by this bug.

Do you still find your store in search?

Good. Don’t change anything! Changing the Parcel Name or Description causes your parcel to be re-indexed and might be eaten by the bug.

Are you affected?

A good news is, that classified ads are not affected. With a strategically well developed classified ad in the Second Life Search, you can overcome this bug and attract traffic.

Please read this article about more information how to place a good classified ad into the Second Life Search.

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