Visit Lionheart’s Exhibit at SL8B!

Like every year, Second Life celebrates it’s birthday with a big birtday party, spanning 21 sims full of entertainment, exhibitions and creative people!

The theme of this year’s SL8B exhibition is “The Magic of Second Life”. Lionheart and it’s community is also represented with an own exhibition and informs the visitors about the magic of Lionheart, the uniqueness of our continent as well as about the community life at Lionheart.

Enjoy this birthday celebration with other residents and discover some very interesting and creative builds! Below, we’ve put together a list of important links about SL8B, so you are able to get every information needed on one view.

Happy Birthday, Second Life!

SL8B Links

Your impressions about SL8B

What did you discover at SL8B? Which builds did you like most? How did you enjoy the music events? Who did you meet?

Share your experiences with us! Leave your comments below!

1 comment to Visit Lionheart’s Exhibit at SL8B!

  • So far my favorite builds have been the Royal Court of Prussia’s, and the 1920 Berlin Project’s.

    The first one got my attention right away, with the animated prim-people dancing to a stately waltz as their fine tail-coats and hoop-skirts flowed about them. With the clothing, the parked carriage, and the palace, there was no question in my mind about what I was looking at and what was magic about it. Plus they had some fantastic freebies, including a musket!

    The second got my attention because there were so many people there just hanging out and having a good time. They managed to get a (working) movie theater, a bar (with stage!), an art gallery, a strip of street, and an inn room to fit perfectly into their space. They had people there in costume that were friendly and welcoming, drawing you into their setting without being too serious or exclusive to be approachable. They even gave Petal a heisse schockolade (hot chocolate) and wished her “prosit!” as she sipped. I spent more time there than at any other build.

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