What you can do when challenges rise up

It’s clear that difficult times affect every business to some degree, as many customers find themselves needing to check how they shop and about the money that would get spent to make purchases. As a business owner, you’re no longer just faced with the challenge to make a good product, deliver a quality service and […]

If you build it…they will what?

Roundabout Caution Sign

Anyone who runs a private virtual estate has likely ran across their share of infamous questions inquired by potential customers, but what would be the most prominently remembered ones from all experiences? I’d like to think that these are: “How much traffic goes through here?” and “Would x sort of business have a good success?“


In Their Own Words: The Work and Remarks of Logan Porterfield

Logan's Run - Mirage Pub

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Everyone has a story; good, bad, or indifferent. I’ll take a moment to discuss about an individual from the Lionheart Community. She goes by the name of Logan Porterfield.

Home of the Mirage Pub and Porterfield Gallery.

Like many others, I’m […]

A Word on Environmental Design

When it comes to Second Life, good looks still do matter, and that’s not only true for avatars. In nearly every case a person will recognize something by its visual appeal before anything else and that is usually what sticks with them in memory.

Here at Lionheart we aim at fostering attractive building and land […]

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