Linden Lab’s TOS Update regarding L$ Exchange Services

Dear Residents,

Recently, Linden Lab has changed their TOS regarding the usage of currency exchange services. Since May 7th 2013, it is no longer allowed to use third party exchanges to trade Linden Dollars.

The only allowed money exchange service will be the official LindeX from Linden Lab / Second Life itself.

The most important […]

Easter Egg Hunt 2013

Dear Residents,

Just as last year, we’re preparing an easter egg hunt for you, beginning on Easter Sunday and ending on Tuesday morning.

Your Mission:

Find as many easter eggs as possible. The eggs will be hidden across our 17 sims, which is a great opportunity for you to get acquainted to the whole continent […]

Yard Sale!

Dear Residents,


As an idea from our last Townhall Meeting, i’m proud to present our first Lionheart Resident’s Yard Sale Weekend!

Sell your no longer needed, non-copyable items from your inventory to your neighbors or other visitors. And the best: At no cost! Lionheart is sponsoring the location for you and also advertises the […]

Town Hall Meeting September 2012

Dear Residents,

This month’s Town Hall Meeting will be held:

Date: Sunday, September30th 2012

Time: 1.00pm SLT

Place: Lionheart Townhall Meeting Room

The Town Hall Meetings are used to offer you a frontline information source from Lionheart for news and evolutions about the estate, knowing your neighbours, talk about your problems, your ideas and thoughts.


Pumbaa Center Update

Dear Residents,

Most of you know Lionheart Pumbaa as the location for our monthly townhall meeting. Some of you, but for sure not everyone knew, that Pumbaa also hosts our newbie orientation course.

Since the construction, the newbie center worked well technically. However, it was not setup optimal due to being split up into two […]

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