Second Life Update – November 2011

What’s new?

On November 8th, there was the launch of a new Second Life Viewer. With this release Second Life Residents are given more options to customize their user interface, increased usability and a new communication tool.

Now you can manage your screen real estate with drag-n-drop buttons using one, two, or three toolbars. These toolbars are docked along the bottom, left and right sides of the UI. Their icons and labels can be toggled freely.

The new Viewer also boasts combined basic and advanced functions in a way that is easier for new Residents to familiarize themselves.  It does this by merging Basic and Advanced modes, breaking users free of having to switch between modes like before.

Additionally, you can send and receive direct messages via a profile inbox. This grants another way for Residents to stay communicated and you don’t have to be logged into Second Life to take advantage of it.

This has to be one of the best Viewer releases to date and it should deliver a great first impression to new Second Life Residents.

Have you upgraded to the latest Viewer? What are your thoughts?

Link: Official Blog Post
Link: Viewer Release Notes 

3 comments to Second Life Update – November 2011

  • David, I happen to enjoy some features of the new viewer, while there are several things I’ll probably miss – so I can understand Johnathan. Although, we do have to realize that going from 1.x to 2.0 is a major version change and so there’s bound to be some surprises. Anyone with dislikes might want to consider attending the Viewer user group meetings to share their opinions. I recently decided that I’m going try to become more involved in those myself.

  • Johnathan Doolittle

    The new viewer in my opinion is terrible. It was very difficult to go from v1.23 to v2 and once again they’ve majorly changing things around in uncomfortable positions.

  • I love Love LOVE the new viewer!!!

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