Splash into Summer Savings!

Summer Green, Sunny Landscape

With the summer solstice just two weeks away, the northern hemisphere is heating up. Those of us, who find it warm outside, want to be able to play in the nice weather and visit cool places. Of course, this requires some bit of funds to do, so you don’t want to spend the most of your money paying for land instead of being able to enjoy that ‘vacation break’. Do you? That’s what we thought also!

For a limited time you can receive a 35% discount off new purchases of land at the Lionheart Continent! Oh, and if you don’t happen to be experiencing the summer season, don’t worry. You can still take advantage of this special offer!

Here’s how it works:

  • Check our available land listings or visit any info center / sales hub in world, to find a suitable plot of land.
  • Visit the location of a chosen parcel, right-click the terrain and select “Buy This Land” (Viewer 1.23: “Buy Land”).
  • Read over and accept our Covenant Agreement from the window that appears.
  • Pay the purchase price*, which already has the discounted offer** applied.
  • Enjoy your new land establishment and be sure to tell your friends!

Things to note:

* Purchase price is equivalent to a sum of the ‘parcel purchase value’ with the first week of tier included. The offer does not affect the recurring cost of land tier (maintenance fees).

** This applies to Residential and Commercial parcels and is valid for new purchases only.

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