Update: Ruwart Issue

As promised in my previous entry (read it here), i’ll keep you updated about news on the actual ongoing issue with the Simowners at Ruwart Sim.

Yesterday, without previous advice or asking the landowners, the simowner cutted down the prim allowances for every parcel at Ruwart, which affects not only Lionheart, but also as well our neighbours Union Micro and KV Headquarters. They sent out a notecard, shouting and insulting at us, blaming us that its our fault that the sim ran out of prims and we’re “hiding prims” everywhere to make him suffer.


It is now clear that Dirk Klees is grossly overusing prims in Ruwart, using prims that belong to other residents, hidden on parcels under his resort building. While the object bonus in the sim was erroneously high, it was not in compliance with company policy, as in the covenant, and Mr Klees had no right to expect more prims than our policy allows.

They invent new policies which never have been mentioned before, and refer to the covenant, where you’ll not find a single word about this topic (Just see by yourself by opening the Menu > World >”About Land..:” Window and checking the Covenant Tab). While they agree that they set the object bonus value too high, they want to blame us for not fixing their errors and insult us in a not justifiable way. It is an interesting fact, that back in June, when we, the Ruwart Residents firstly mentioned this problem, we have been promised that they will fix it. Quote:

[2008/06/05 2:21]  Dirk Klees: i dont doubt that…but as you can calculate yourself…checking all 4 parcels at ruwart and their allowance..youre selling 17.455 prims on those…..
[2008/06/05 2:21]  Dirk Klees: protected land not included
[2008/06/05 2:22]  IntLibber Brautigan: yes we are making adjustments on parcels this week
[2008/06/05 2:22]  Dirk Klees: so we will loose prims
[2008/06/05 2:22]  IntLibber Brautigan: were doing it on vacant parcels
[2008/06/05 2:22]  Dirk Klees: ruwart is sold out
[2008/06/05 2:22]  IntLibber Brautigan: then we wait until there is a vacancy

In the whole months of End of July till mid of October, 1/4 of the Ruwart Sim was vacant. They promised us to fix this issue (by reserving free and unoccupied land to balance out the prim usage) but they didnt do. They simply offered the same parcel again without any modifications. They even promised the interested buyers a prim usage of 4200 Prims. As Kainam McAlpine buyed this parcel for his KV Headquarters, the Sim told him by reaching at 2000 of his 4200 paid prims: Sim full.

Ancapistan BnT Holdings ignore the fact that they advertise with the prim allowances for the set tier price, they didnt even lower our tier rates after they have taken us away the prim allowances. Only for Lionheart, this means a loss of prim allowances of almost 1000 prims, but we are asked to continue paying the same price as we did before!

Imagine, Lionheart would offer you an apartment with a prim allowance of 100 prims for 340L$/week. Now imagine, Lionheart would come and take you 30 prims away from your allowance, only allowing you to use 70 prims from now on. And all this for the unchanged rent of 340L$/week. Wouldn’t you consider this as fraud? Well, we do.

Going hand in hand with Ancapistan BnT Holding’s fraud on its clients, it causes now to suffer Lionheart’s clients too. Because when the convention center closes down in two weeks, and the parcel goes into someone else’s hand, we will not have enough prim allowances left to keep our Resort running as it is now, as we maybe will run into a negative prim balance. Before they have cut us the prim allowances, we would stand better in two weeks without problems.

Well, we try of course to compensate this as good as we can with previous measures and modifications. For example, the Leisure Center will go and we will need to close some apartments, meaning, available apartments will not be rented out anymore. We hope that we will have in two weeks a better situation on prim usage at Ruwart so that our prim balance is fine again. We’ll keep you updated on that.

Not decided yet, but considered also, is to close the Ruwart Resort. As with the new prim allowances set by the simowners it will be doubtful that the Resort still can operate economically. Calculations on this questions are still going on.

We are also considering the option to offer some residents a parcel on our future continent for a good price, so that they can have an easier start to get their first own land in Second Life.

I’ll inform you in about two weeks how our prim balance looks like and how the future of the Ruwart Resort will look like. You can continue living there as usual for now. In case that we’ll decide to close Ruwart Resort, we’ll inform you in advance and refund you the left time on your leases. If we don’t close, we may reduce the number of Apartments, but this will be done with available Apartments. Occupied Apartments will not be affected.

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