Testimonial Contest Winners

Dear Residents,

we’re proud to announce the winners of the testimonial contest, which are:

Xelyn Xaris Aubrey Lionheart Porsche Ghost Lliannan MacMoragh

To achieve a fair splitting of the drawed prizes, and due to the number of only 4 participants of the contest, we’ve decided to hand out two gift vouchers of each kind, out […]

Testimonial Lottery Drawing

Tell us what you think about us and win a gift voucher for Union Micro or Effects Gestures! We draw a total of 9 gift vouchers for published testimonials. The drawing ends on 30th of April 2009.

The Vouchers will have a value of:

Union Micro: 3 X 1000L$ Effects Gestures: 6 X 300L$

You […]

Second Sim about to be released soon

Thanks to the big success of our pilot sim, Lionheart, we are able to announce that a second sim will be added in the very first days of January 2009 to enhance our little new continent.

The new sim will be added on Lionheart’s west side and will contain mixed residential / light commerce zoning. […]

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