Resurrection of the Scar

Lionheart Scar

As announced before, we have finally opened our newest Sim, Lionheart Scar, which is our 11th Sim.

In opposite to what someone might relate to a similar named character from a known movie, our Scar has some quite positive character. Lionheart Scar represents the slow introduction of our future harbour area, […]

Sneak Preview: 11th Lionheart Sim opens soon!

[Update 03/11/2010 7.33am SLT]

Pre-Orders are closed. Thanks for your orders, regular sales have begun!

Dear Residents,

Get Prepared! The newest Lionheart Sim is about to launch soon, and will be attached to the north of Lionheart Timon / west of Lionheart Ahadi.

All Parcels will be zoned Commercial II and offer a generous 1.59 […]

Release of our 10th Sim, Lionheart Timon

Dear Residents,

almost 3 Years after signing up for SL, and one year and two months after the grand opening of our first Sim ever, Lionheart, i’m proud to announce the opening of our 10th Sim,

Lionheart Timon

located at the west side of Lionheart Pumbaa. The Sim is zoned Commerce II and the penultimate […]

Lionheart Ahadi Released

Dear Residents,

we proudly present our newest member of the Lionheart Sim Family:

Lionheart Ahadi

Designed as Commerce II zoned Sim, Ahadi offers 12 Parcels equipped with a generous 61% Prim Bonus.

Please click here to visit Lionheart Ahadi.

Lionheart Mohatu Released

We gladly announce the release of our 8th sim, Lionheart Mohatu!

Mohatu offers 9 Commerce I and 11 beautiful and peaceful woodland Residential I properties. The sim offers a double prim bonus, so you are able to rez the double amount of items than you could do on a standard parcel.

Lionheart Mohatu is connected […]

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