Enabling parcel encroachment object return

Dear Residents,

On February 1st 2011, Lionheart will enable a new system feature on all sims. This post is to inform you about how this feature works, how you might need to prepare your parcels, and which benefits it will bring to you.

Some of you might have had the following situation already:

You login to your land, where the day before everything has been fine. You find out that a new neighbor has settled in next door, and they have prims from their structure sticking onto your parcel, but not far enough so you could remove them from your land, as the root still is over their land.

Until today, all you could do was to ask the neighbor to remove the overhanging prim from your land, and if that didn’t help, contact the estate staff to ask them again or even remove these prims for you.

Linden Lab has just released a new feature with the last server code update, which will enable residents now to remove prims which also hang slightly into your parcel. This way, you’ll really have full control now about foreign items on your land and you’ll be able to remove them by yourself easily.

Linden Lab has updated all regions with the new function turned off by default. Lionheart will turn this feature on on Tuesday, February 1st 2011 on all regions.

Do i need to prepare my parcel in some ways due to this new feature?

That depends on how you have built your structures. As by covenant, you’re required to keep all objects within the confines of your parcel. You might want to check if your objects really comply with this requirement. You can help yourself in doing so by activating the view of your property lines. Hit CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-P to enable the property line view. No object should cross these lines into someone else’s land. Exceptions might be paths towards the public paths or trees hanging over into protected land (not into neighboring parcels though).

Remember, if you have objects hanging over into another neighbors parcel, you are violating the covenant as well as risking to have these items returned to you at anytime by your neighbor when we activate this functionality.

Be a nice neighbor

If you’re affected by having prims from someone else sticking into your land, we still would appreciate it if you would at least try to contact your neighbor before you return any items, specially if this item is for example linked together as a whole building, to give them a chance to fix this on their own, without having the whole building returned.

How can i return an object using the new functionality?

Let’s take the snapshot situation on the right picture as example. Your parcel is the green one, the red one is owned by your neighbor. They have two prims placed on their land. The green one, which is fully on their own land, and the red prim sticking into your own parcel.

With the new functionality enabled, you would be able to return the red prim to your neighbor by right clicking it and using the context menu, as it touches your land.

Viewer update required

Please note, that you’ll need to wait for a viewer update in order to finally use this new functionality.

The information we have from Linden Lab is, that the planned update to Viewer 2.6 will include the necessary code to handle this new server functionality. Due to this fact, even if we enable the function on our sims on February 1st, you’ll still have some time before you really can make use of this new feature, until either the official Second Life viewer, or a 3rd party viewer will include the necessary changes.

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