New Panorama Parcel Browser released

As result of our continuing effort in improving our technologies and create new innovations, we have released today a new system component for our LEMS (Lionheart Estate Management System).

Previous parcel browsing systems were more flat board alike, showing a rather small image for each parcel for sale and making it difficult to judge a piece of land before visiting it.

Since it always has been one of the top priorities for Lionheart to facilitate information the easy way, it was a logical next step in the evolution of our parcel browsers to provide even more information in simple and intuitive way, making it easy for customers to check out the parcels we offer for sale.

The panorama screen gives a very good impression of a parcel so customers can better decide from the point of sale if they wish to teleport to a location or continue browsing. The chat information given as well as the additional information bar show all relevant data for the selected property.

Check them out in-world at our Lionheart Estate Information Center or the Lionheart Community Center!

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