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Dear Residents,

Sometimes it happens, that you have to quit Second Life for a while, or you moved to a bigger parcel within Lionheart and had not enough credit left on the previous parcel to make a swap so you have to sell your old land, or you have to leave your property for another reason.

I think it’s fair to say, that in all these cases, be it on a private estate (such as Lionheart), or on mainland, you’re pretty much left alone when it comes to sell your land and find a buyer for it. Being pretty well informed and up-to-date about what’s going on on the real estate market in Second Life, i have yet to find a service provider which would not only inform you about how to sell your land best (there are indeed some who do at least this), but also takes over a considerably part of the advertising of your land sale for you, in order to really help you with finding a buyer.

For Sale by Owner

Lionheart takes it’s responsibilities as market leader in estate management technology within Second Life very serious, and for this reason, we’re always thinking of new ways in which we can make technology work for our customers and benefit them in ways, which others didn’t even yet think about. Most of these innovations happen behind the scenes, invisible for you. Anyway, some of them mark a huge impact in the daily life of our customers, making their life so much easier simply by being a customer of Lionheart.

One of these new inventions is our new For Sale by Owner function, as we call it internally, and which has officially been released today.

The new function benefits everyone who comes into a situation where they have to sell their parcel someday. By accessing this new feature (Click your parcel terminal and go: Contract > For Sale), you’re not only able to receive important information and step-by-step instructions about how to setup your parcel for sale in the best possible way, but also publish your parcel with one simple click at our:

Additionally, your parcel terminal turns itself into a “For Sale” – Advertiser, informing interested buyers about the left tier time and who to contact for further questions (which are the registered contract owners).

The combination makes the difference

If you activate your parcel’s “Show Place in Search” function and add a well written parcel name, description and image (see instructions here), you have really good chances to find a buyer for your parcel in a fair time (compared to little to no chances with no advertising at all). Our system function can help you to offer your parcel to people who are already looking for land at Lionheart. However, it cannot replace proper advertising in Second Life’s search engine which opens up the whole SL land buyer market for you.

We hope that with this new and so far unique feature within Second Life, we are able to offer a great service and help to our customers, even when it comes to leaving.

Dirk Klees
Lionheart Owner

1 comment to Service Till the End – For Sale by Owner

  • Again a very great new feature. The benefits for us landowner here on Lionheart are massive. Im always happy that there is no end by adding new features and ideas. 🙂

    I cant see any of your competition who has such great features. The bonus program here is already a blast. But this new feature here is a very nice and handy addition as well.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

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