LEMS Update – V1.26 Released

Dear Residents,

yesterday we have released a major update to our Estate Management System LEMS which brings a lot of Improvements for you.

Bonus Program

The Loyalty Bonus calculation was based until now on the length of your current contract. If you have deeded your land to a group, bought a new parcel or swapped to another, or you have left Lionheart and came back later, every time a new contract is created and so far has caused your loyalty calculation to start at zero.

The update finally introduces a very important improvement for that calculation. From now on, your total stay time since your first day at Lionheart (Or respectively, since the Inauguration of LEMS in June 2009), will be taken into account for this bonus program calculation. It also respects any gaps in your stay, which are caused when you leave Lionheart for a while or even the few minutes you need for a swap.

For a lot of our current residents, this update means a big improvement, as you get more bonus time than you did before. Specially, when you have more than one parcel and bought them one by one over time, or you have swapped frequently. If you get another parcel, you start right with your current loyalty level, instead of beginning at zero with that new parcel.

Free Days Offers now valid for everyone!

Previously, our special offers have only been valid for new residents, which have not yet owned Land with Lionheart. With the new release, this has been changed as well. Both, old and new residents can take advantage of any free days offer we’ll have for you! Please note, that if you’re a current or previous Resident of Lionheart, the Offers will only apply if you don’t have any previously terminated contracts with a positive end balance waiting for you to be claimed (For example when you do a swap, or have left a parcel before it’s official contract end before and you’re coming back now).

The current for Sale Signs still show the text “Valid for new Customers only”, but the offer is valid for old and new customers. We will progressively exchange these signs over the next weeks when the parcels sell off.

Second Life Viewer 2.0 Compatibility

The new Second Life Viewer 2.0, which is currently in Beta, uses different URLs to refer to an inworld location using Hyperlinks, such as for our Website, for example. Previously, the slurl.com service has been used, which has been replaced now by the new maps.secondlife.com service. LEMS uses these URLs now to link our parcels from the website to the map. This will affect all new contracts from now on as well as parcels which haven’t been sold yet. Existing contract data will not be changed and continue using SLurls.

More Scripting Efficiency

Again, we were able to remove some scripts from the Terminals in order to save script capacities and script time usage  from the Simulators. This update has removed two scripts, and the next update which will come later this week due to the Discontinuation of MetaCard will enable us to remove two more scripts. Our Terminals are less laggier than a simple xStreetSL Box!

Payment Receipts & Notifications per email

Residents who have stored their email address in our system, are now receiving a payment receipt after making a Tier payment. In case there are other contract owners, or the payer was not the contract owner, they will be notified by email about a made payment as well.

To store your email address in our system, you can click any parcel terminal and choose:
My Account > Set Email

More to come soon!

These were the Highlights of the yesterday’s Release. To see the release notes, click here. More updates and new features about to come soon!

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